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Default Raynox DCR-6600Pro + Epson 3100Z

I will first note that I have a little more work to do before I bad-mouth this lens on this camera. I will start by stating that the adapter tube I received is a millimeter shorter than indicated on the Raynox website...and, yes, it makes a difference.

However, the greater issue is the usability of this lens indoors. I'm not certain that it's going to perform very well at all for the "room" shots I had intended. As an engineer involved in facility design/construction and remodel work, I have a need for a wider view on occasion. My search for a W/A adapter led me to Raynox. What is not stated at their website (but may be implicit if you look closely) is that their lens is intended for outdoors use. Better lighting and greater setback from the subject. I had this confirmed by a distributor in New York this morning.

Problem encountered at wide angle: Short tube results in peripheral blur. I cured this partially, by tossing their adapter aside and installing a 49-52 stepup ring on the Epson adapter, which makes the tube about 2 mm longer than the Raynox solution. Very slight vignetting, but the perimeter sharpens greatly. However, I still see a "donut" that is out of focus.

I need to do additional testing at greater distances from the subject to glean if that will cure the condition.

I will also check performance out of doors. At their website ALL -- and I mean every last one! -- of the sample photos are outdoors. However, on some cameras (Nikons in particular) the images are nearly flawless. This either speaks well of the optics used in those cameras, poorly of the optics used in the Epson, or poorly of the particular Raynox I have in my bag.

Problem number two: If not the Raynox + Epson 3100Z, what? Tho I cannot find it, I read a forum thread that suggested the Tiffen Mega-whatever was completely unsatisfactory on the Epson. I know Kodak offers a w/a lens, but at less than 1/2 price of the Raynox, I can only doubt the quality of the glass.

Elsewhere in this forum, folks have much good to say about the Olympus w/a adapters, but those are all in context of using an Oly camera.

I will post again once I've had a chance to complete my testing, but I would truly appreciate some feedback from others out there.
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