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Robert Johnston Aug 22, 2006 1:01 PM

Having tried the Raynox DCR-730 wide angle adaptor lens, which has a concave front instead of the usual fish-eye style bubble of glass out front found on other wide angle adaptor lenses, I am VERY impressed with the ability of the lens to remove sun flare outdoors. It seems to add no sun flare of its own and depending on which camera you put it on, it may even reduce it. The design of the lens seems unique and the quality is excellent. I've tested it out taking photos all around the sun, out to 90 degrees away, and even including the noon sun in the frame, all with excellent results compared to fixed and add-on lenses.

The lens is very good quality and only 2 9/16 (66mm) wide and quite light in weight. It's a 0.7 factor with a thread of 52mm.

I've used it on the Olympus SP-500 and SP-320 which have two different thread sizes, and using different step rings, found the photos I took to have no problems, although the visual inspection wasn't set up to be highly technical. But it passes visual inspection easily. Thread size on the camera side of the lens is 52mm. The Olympus SP-500 has a camera thread of 45.6mm and the SP-320 a thread of 34mm, so that's quite a range to work with, but the Raynox was fine. So it will work with many cameras, and that includes using the adaptor tubes necessary on most of the smaller digital cameras.

If you're frustrated with the standard wide angle of 35mm or 38mm found on most cameras, you'll appreciate the great results from the Raynox DCR-730.

Of course, it would be bliss if Olympus could bring out the perfect real estate camera and start the lens at 22mm, taking it out to about 80-100mm with manual zoom and auto exposure lock with voice recording on automatic in Record mode. I fantasize.

bkrownd Aug 22, 2006 10:43 PM

Raynox has such a fun website. It's like being a kid in a toy store. :shock:

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