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qlat Aug 3, 2004 12:52 PM

After almost buying the A70 last summer and buying and returning the Casio AV-R51 this summer, I finally purchased the A75 and was so pleased with it I decided to go right out and get a camera bag.I had considered the S1 but was told to go with the A75 + telephoto lens since the S1 had chromatic aberration issues. So, here I am on my search for a telephoto lens.

Regarding the adapter,would I be better off getting onethat takes 37mm or 52mm? If 52mm, should I get the "official" LA-DC52C orsomething else?

First off, cost is an issue, but I am willing to pay more to get a better quality lens. I am looking for a telephoto lensof3x or more. I would like to pay <$50 for the adapter and telephoto lens, but since I don't know much about telephoto lenses, I don't know how reasonable this figure is. The inside of my case has about 5-6" free with the A75 inside if that helps; it's this one here: If I missed something and ended buying a not-so-great case, LMK while I can still return it, heh.

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