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I bot a sakar 52mm wide angle len with macro attached. how come after i took out macro, the len itself doesn't work with 52mm adapters? is it a defect? i appreciate if anybody helps me on this!! thanks!!
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This is a cheap lens that combines the two features...to use the wide angle feature, you need both lenses combined...it's only when you want to use the macro feature do you separate the sections. It's the way it's designed.

I handled this lens in the store (where it was selling for $20CDN, that's $15USD) and was thorougly disgusted with the quality. I personally use (and recommend) the Raynox converter lenses...you didn't mention which camera you owned, so select it from this page:

If yours isn't listed, this page shows a variety of their lenses:

For wide angle I love the Raynox DCR-6600Pro because there's no visible barrel distortion (curving of the picture).
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thank you Mike for quick reply!! but i am still confused. i just bot a nikon 8700 with an accessary kit that most websites suggest. but i am so dissapointed with the manually switching of all thosebarrels and converters. i decide to return the kit and get more good converters. thanks for the info.!

anyway, back to my previous question. if like you said, the lenshas to be used with the macro for wide angle shooting, the glass of macro piece will block the 8700 built-in lens even if 8700 set to wide angle mode. i thought if the macro piece taken out, it might work because the 8700 lens could go into the inside part of the wide angle lens. since u said it is not the case, how it works? ooh, the barrel is also a cheap one, 52mm, same size as nikon UR-E8. most websites are selling wide angle converter without macro feature, i guess those should work. am i right?

all right, appreciate your answer. i m happy that i came to a right place for answer now, from professionals.
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