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madpunter Oct 7, 2008 7:10 PM

I am looking for some advise from folks who have more experience with this than I do.

I have had a Canon S3 for some time now and have been very happy with it. I have a lens tube and a set of fotodiox filters that work nicely. The thread size is 52mm.

I just purchased a Canon HF10 high def 1080p camcorder. This unit has a 37mm thread size.

I am looking now to purchase both 2x Telephoto and 0.5x Wide Angle lenses.

Here's my question: in my ultimate frugality I am wondering if I can simply buy these lenses in 52mm size and use a step up ring on my 37mm camcorder.

Are there any special considerations I would need to make? I really can't think of any, but...

Also I am obviously not a pro, so I am also not looking to spend 100's of $ on this. I am initially ok with starting out with an "adequate" quality level and working my way up.

Are there any brands out there that are better for this dual purpose use than others? I am wary of buying some stuff off of ebay for fear of really poor quality.

Also do you have any other suggestions for good filters to get?

Any advise is appreciated.

- Vince

VTphotog Oct 8, 2008 9:42 PM

No reason not to use a step-up ring, other than the weight which the larger diameter lens will have. There is a possibility it could be too much for the mechanism of the camcorder, but I don't know this directly.

As to brands, I would also stay away from the very low end. Canon makes high quality accessory lenses to fit your S3. Olympus also has some very well regarded add-ons. I have also heard Raynox spoken well of.


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