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It may be too soon to ask this question but, does anyone have any experience of these lens.

The Sigma 18 to 125mm is available.

Any feedback on image quality would be appreciated as I'm looking for a wide range zoom to cover 28mm to 200mm (above this is a bonus) for my *ist DS (1.5 multiplier applied).
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Doesn't look too good for the Tamron http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/197624/0
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I appreciate opinions of users who went before everyone else. Thanks for taking the plunge before the rest of us.

What I would like to see or hear is an assessment of either the Tamron or the Sigma 18-200mm when used in Sports photography. Such as soccer, basketball, tennis, track, car racing, flying objects, etc.

Seeing photos of still, none-moving subjects in the best or ambient lighting conditions or environments is appreciated very much. However,there are those environments for which "proofs" have not been presented. What I mean is, can I see some pictures of a car, animal, jet, wallaby, etc, in MOTION using either the Tamron or Sigma? I want to see the lense's ability to focus on moving objects whether in One Shot or AI Servo modes.

I understand thatit is not always possible for most peopleto present proofs of what these lenses can do in the enviroments mentioned above. I mean,in places such as theinside of a gym, a restaurante,and/ormoving subject(s)such as a dog, car, airplane, athlete.

I bring this up as with my300D,I later realizedthat theproduct features informationdid not present examples of the 300D's performancein"other than ideal" conditions. An example is photographing abasketball game inside a gym. The mfg did not touch on that topic.

Can someone with either the Tamron or Sigma lenses (when available) present photos of subjects in either of the environmentsmentioned above? I want to see how either lens performs in "capturing the moment" of a moving subject.

Thanks for your input.

SA Flyer
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