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kmadill Apr 3, 2007 4:34 PM

Hello all,

Has anyone seen or purchased a fisheye lens that is fairly small in size and inexpensive? I've seen a few posts on these forums that point to some more expensive lenses, but I don't mind suffering with the faults that will be inherent with a lower cost lens... small size would also be beneficial.

Alternatively, any pointers towards a 0.2x or similar lens would also be great! I have a 0.45x right now but would like to something more extreme.


amazingthailand Apr 3, 2007 5:09 PM

Adorama used to have such items, don't know if they still do, but I would check out their web site.

kmadill Apr 3, 2007 5:15 PM

No luck there - nothing below the $500 range... I was hoping for more like $50.

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