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redman33 Feb 18, 2005 9:05 AM


I recently bought some cheap aftermarket ad on lenses for my DSC-V1(which I now know was a mistake)I bought a wide angle and tele lens but I still am having trouble getting the correct lens adapter for the wide angle lens...

here's my problem ,the wide angle lens adapter that came with the lens seems to be too short and my camera lens hits the wide angle lens and will not start up(the threads on this adapter are NOT long and do NOT trip the little button that sets the camera into macro mode? i think?)...If I use the tele adapter the lens works fine but I have to zoom in so much to get ride of the vignetting and thatdefeats the purpose of the wide angle

I bought a separate wide angle lens adapter from ebay and was assured it would work but I now have a different problem...This adapter is long enough for the camera to start-upbut this adapter also has the longer threads that does trip the macro switch and now for some reason all my picture are blurry :(

am I supposed to change any settings in the camera when using this feature? I read my manual and couldn't find any info on it so i'm asking you guys and gals...

or does this adapter just not work with the lens i bought?

since the lens does focus and take clear pictures when I use the tele adapter(and I am a tools maker) should I gring the thread down so they don't quite touch the trip when it's screwed on? just thinking it may work that way??

sorry for the long post and I hope you can understand what i'm trying to say?

thanks in advance.....Rick

marx Jul 20, 2005 12:33 AM

:?If you are still looking for an answer....I had the same questions when I bought wide angle lense converter for my dsc_v1. Theanswer is that wide angle lense converter converts your lense into afixedfocus lenght lense, that's why it blocks your camera focusing mechanism. The AF still works. I haven't tried it with telephoto converter (don'thave one), hopefully with it the camera retains the capability to change the focus lenght. You probably returned the lenses by now....:sad:

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