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Default Sony VCL-DEH 07V and 17V with Sony Mavica CD500 ?

Hi forum members,

I just recently bought the Sony VCL-DEH 07V and 17V along with Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 digital camera. Before I made my purchase and ordered these equiptments from Germany, I had previously downloaded an official broschure from Sony's website that lists these additional lenses as "optional accessories" for this particular camera.

After I received my items and found out that these lenses cannot be mounted on the camera at all. Both of the conversion adapters that came along with the addiotional lenses have the right diameter (45.5 mm at the camera's end) , but the threads are slightly different. The conversion adapters have a more "thicker" threads than in the camera.

I would not have bought the camera in the first place if I would have known I couldn't attach these particular tele- and wide angle lenses on it, and now I'm stuck with two expensive lenses which I cannot use at all. I spend months in carefully selecting these two additional lenses by reading dozens of reviews and opinions on various websites, and another 2 months waiting all these items to arrive with the camera, and wouldn't like to exchange these lenses into anything else now - especially as I came to the conclusion that these would be the best add-on lenses for the CD500 on the market (from Sony or from anyone else).

I have already contacted the finnish Sony on behalf of this matter, but they had no ideas how to compensate or how to fix this problem, they only said that according to their information these two additional lenses aren't compatible with the CD500, they're made for the V1. Another good guestion is why on earth has Sony made these lenses only to fit V1, cause it wouldn't hurt their market value to have them fit more than just one type of camera.

What I'm asking is if someone has any knowledge or experience on whether or not should I go ahead and have these adaptors/converters be modified to fit into the CD500 ? In addition I'd be very interested in hearing on how well would these additional lenses work on the CD500 after the lenses converter threads would have been modified? .. as the V1 has very similar optics/lenses as CD500, should there be a big difference in quality?

Here's some basic specs on V1 and CD500 optics (from imaging-resource.com):

V1 ------ CD500

Focal Length (35mm equiv.): 34 - 136 mm ------ 34 - 102 mm
Zoom ratio: 4.00x ------ 3.00x
Normal Focus Range: 40 cm (16.3 in) to Infinity ------ 50 cm (20.4 in) to Infinity
Macro Focus Range: 10 - 0 cm (4.1 - 0.0 in) ------ 4 - 50 cm (1.6 - 20.4 in)
Max Aperture: f/2.8 ------ f/2.0
Aperture Range Description: f/2.8 (wide) / f/4.0 (tele) - ??? --------- f/2.0 (wide) / f/2.5 (tele) - ???

Another possibilities would be to sell these lenses and buy new ones either from Sony or perhaps from Raynox, or to find a 3rd-party adaptor rings that would miraclously fit the CD500 aswell the DEH 07V and 17V lenses ?

One thing that has given me hope to be able to find a solution is that I have the Sony Vad-S70 converter, and I can hook up the wide angle VCL-DEH 07V to the CD500, but on the camera's wide angle position the converter's edges seem to block the corners in the pictures, and if I use enough of the camera's own zoom (1.5x and upwards) to get the black corners to be unvicible, the pictures come out too soft to be useable. The photos taken with the 1.0x zoom position on the camera with the black corners are otherwise just fine, very sharp with no visible geometrical distorsion, so that knowledge has given me hope to get both of the lenses working with either modifying the lense adaptors or by finding totally new off-brand converters.

Any ideas, suggestions and knowledge upon this matter are greatly appreciated!

Best regards, Milan Kolarovic.
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