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lowly_cook Dec 31, 2003 8:58 AM

Sorry for asking this
I am completely new with my Canon A80. I've been reading the posting on add-on lenses. I want to purchase a teleconverter and i have narrowed it down to the TCon-17 or the Canon the teleconverter offered by canon TC52d.

I know i need to purchase the converter for the canon but do I need to get that for the Tcon-17? Also, which one has the better optics and least vignetting?

I know people have posted information on this but I had a hard time understanding.


richardh Dec 31, 2003 8:15 PM

By converter if you mean the lens adapter, yes you need to buy it. You cannot attach any kind of lenses without the adapter. Once you have the adapter which is 52mm, you can attach any lens/filter that is 52mm. The tcon-17 is 55mm if memory serves. To attach it you need a 52mm-55mm step ring. They make step rings that will adapt the 52mm threads on your lens adapter to many diffrent sizes, both larger and smaller. Step rings run about 6-12$ depending on size, brand and where you get it. I am not sure about vinyetting on the a80 (I have the a70 and a40), but the optics are a little beter on the olympus than the canon. Another possibility would be the tc-dc52 (the 2.4x one for the other a series). I would not want to guarentee that this lens works as I have only heard a few reports of it being used on the a80 so far but initial reports claim that it works. One person said that it produced a sharper image if it was mounted with a step ring to push the lens a little further from the camera. This did reduce the number of zoom steps that were usable by one though.

lowly_cook Jan 1, 2004 5:03 PM

Thank you so much
This really helps. Now I have a much better idea on lens attachments. =)

I know what to puchase now.

Thanks again

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