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Default stacking lenses???

I have searched and posted on other forums and called camera shops and found info on lenses very hard to find. I am looking for a telephoto between 2-3x and 8x and while I have found a few I have no idea if they will work on my camera. I have searched so much that I have came up with this crazy idea. Look at www.ckcpower.com/titanium.htm to see where I got this idea. I saw on another site, where they had successfully stacked a 8x with another telephoto (but I cannot find the page/bookmark).

I am thinking of trying to stack a raynox dvr-3000 with a 2x telephoto (perhaps a tiffen). Both of these lenses are threaded on both ends so with the proper step rings I can use either or both with filter ability. 3x on the camera, 6x with the 2x, 9x with the 3x, 18x with it all (I know you loose a little magnafication when you stack lenses but you get the idea). Of course step rings will be involved.
If it works I will have great options for little money (little money for what your are getting), and if it doesn't work I guess I'll try to sell what I cannot use or do not want and decide not to waste my money trying again.

Any thoughts on diffrent lenses to use, will it work, am I just stupid for thinking it might work, is it a pretty cool idea but I am still stupid for thinking it might work, got any better options for a lens between 2-3x and 8x?
I have got so little response trying to find out about lenses that any response would be welcome (just tell me I am ugly or something).
By the way I suspect that the lack of response is due to the fact that lenses for digital are not standerdized at all and knowing what will work or give good pictures only comes from trying it. I appreciate all the help and input people have given me when I have posted. Without it I would probably still be trying to figure out what camera to buy.
Thanks in advance for any input. :P :P :P :P
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Default Adding one lens to another?

Most of my experiementing with screwing one add on lens to another has produced some combinations that "work" but it was not anything that I wanted. I also worried that I was going to damage threads with the additional weight? I'm now of the opinion that a small dia lens is not as good as a larger dia lens, all other things being equal. Having said that...I'm leaving town.
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I've fiddled around with lens combinations, too, and the main obstacle will probably be severe vignette, actually more like a keyhole effect.
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Old Nov 4, 2002, 10:33 AM   #4
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I've gotten a couple of cheap telephotos to work together although I had to switch to f8 in manual mode-- otherwise just the very center point was in focus. Even with f8 the edges blur up pretty bad-- kinda gives you that falling into the picture motion blur feeling- hard to explain.
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Combos work, but any chromatic aberrations, edge softness, vignetting, etc. will be magnified (pun intended). If the Olympus C-210 or C-180 work on your camera, then the Oly B-300 makes a great addition in front of one of them. Vignettes horribly on my Minolta Dimage 7, but it's fine for birding. Note that you'll need a tripod for the tele shots.
Here's a moon shot with a B-300 taped to a C-210 on my D7:
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Old Nov 7, 2002, 11:55 AM   #6
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i have not tried it for magnifying purposes, but did do something else interesting that worked very well: i bought a 58mm reversing ring that allowed me to mount a 35-70mm macro lens backwards on the front of my olympus 3000. This has given me the ability to shoot macro at about 12-18X with very good results. The trick is the focusing: at that magnification it is too tight to use the lens, so you actually have to move the whole camera back and forth to achieve it (the macro feature in the added lens makes focusing very easy too). This is an old trick with 35mm slrs, but it does work with my digital. You can purchase a myriad of good used manual lenses to try it with. The only catch is that your camera must have both macro and manual focusing.
This is not exactly what you were doing, but thought it was interesting enough to include.
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