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pianoplayer88key Mar 27, 2005 11:35 PM

Ok, I'm thinking about getting (or making) a TC for my Canon S1 IS. I already have the Canon lens adapter.

Something I need to know... the camera's built-in lens (or is it the camera itself?) has IS, and chances are the lens I get or make for it will not have its own IS. Seeing that, if I'm fairly careful, I can handhold at 1/8" at full optical telephoto (380mm in 35mm terms, translated to 58mm on the S1's sensor (btw I understand IS gives 2 to 3 stops advantage... 1/focal length without IS would be 1/60" and 3 stops improvement would be 1/8" which agrees with my results), how would I figure out what my shutter speed vs focal length should be (hopefully you can understand the question...)?

As far as how much zoom I want, I would really like at least as much of a TC as the camera has digital zoom (3.2x). However, I don't want to be excessive here. I understand that when you have a several-times TC, you lose several stops on aperture. I don't want to have so much zoom (although I could find a use for it, I'm sure) so that either I can't handhold the camera with IS, or get something like a 1/125" shutter speed, whichever is the faster shutter speed (+/- 1 stop)

With this TC lens, I plan on mostly taking pics in daylight situations. Occasionally the subject may be in the shade or under cloud cover, but probably the darkest I'd use it is EV 10 or 11, with the majority of planned use being around EV 13 to 15.

Is there a way I could find out how to make a lens like that? Or, what's the cost of a currently manufactured decent-quality lens that comes close to doing what I described?

good.friend May 25, 2005 9:06 PM

I have a Dimage Z5 and I am looking for a teleconvertor similar to what you're looking for. I found on ebay a Tokina 3x teleconvertor not too pricy. I am wondering if it would be worth it or not. All I've seen until now for comment was "half decent" but I still don't know much about it. Here's the link :

Hoping this can help you and that maybe someone will have pictures with this teleconverter or more comments about it

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