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Default Which tele-converter and lens adapter for a Canon G2?

I am looking for a tele-converter for a Canon G2. I looked at the Canon tele-converter (TC-DC58), but it is 1.5X and I am looking for at least 2X.

I am confused by the threaded diameter. The camera is 52mm, right? And the lens adapter (LA-DC58) is 58mm as are both the wide and tele-converters from Canon, right?

I was looking at other tele-converters from Kenko and Tiffen. Are these both 37mm? What adapter would I need?

Where can I buy either of these tele-converters? Has someone used any of them with a Canon G2?

Any other recommended tele-converter and lens adapter combinations?

I primarily need to know which combinations work and where to buy them.

Thanks a lot!!
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You might consider a tele by Canon. The tele for the A40 is 2x. As it is threaded for 52mm you shouldn't vignette. Is about thw same price as the g2 1.5x tele.
I have an A40 and went the other way, getting the G2 lens with a step-up ring. But both had wonderful optics.
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Can I ask just out of interest, plschwartz, why you chose to go for the 1.5x G2 zoom lens for your A40 instead of the 2x lens which is native for it?>

If they are both the same quality optics, wouldnt you go to the extra magnification? Does the A40 lens have more vignetting as you zoom back on the camera?

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Sotterraneo, hi

I may be wrong about this, but my choice of a shorter converter is a matter of optics.
You may have noticed that with a long tele lens the depth of field is compressed, that is the background "moves up" . Although this distortion has its place I dont like it for portrait type shooting as I feel the background should be just that.
I just do not know enough about the optics of a teleconversion lens used in front of a zoom lens to be sure, but my instinct is that it would have more distortion the greater the tele magnification was.
Unfortunately the kind of careful back and forth comparisons needed was just not possible even at the camera store I bought it from.
I would be interested to hear from those more skilled in optics about the depth of field problem.
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