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Default Tele lens for C700

I ordered a CLA4 lens adapter and intended to buy a TCON-17 tele lens, but I see that Olympus says it will not work on the C700 and C720 although it does work on the later C7xx digicams. I am curious as to why the TCON-17 works with the later but not the earlier C7xx series cameras. I assume this means the B300 will not work on my C700 either. Are the only decent options left the TCON-14, TCON-14B, or A200? Will they even work on the C700?
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Forget the TCON-14 - it's not suitable at all. I'm at a loss to understand why the TCON-17 wouldn't work - I would be interested in talking to Olympus before deciding that it won't.

The TCON-14B is HUGE and works with about anything - but the TCON-17 "should" work with any of the Oly digicams which can accept tele adapters. There is nothing "strange" about your camera which should preclude this lens being compatible.

Why don't you see if you can find an Olympus dealer who has one in stock and try it? Or call Olympus tech support and pin them down on "why" it wouldn't work...

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They say that (and other) lenses are not compatible because they use ED glass, which they only started using on the c730 and above. I don't know what problems they are assuming will be caused by using ED glass teleconverters with normal glass cameras, but many people have done it apparently with no problem. I use the c-210 1.9x teleconverter on my c-700 and it works great, albeit a little bit of vignetting, but the vignetting is very soft and not noticable in most pictures. A few links:

http://spikehost.com:8080/-Unsorted/tc.jpg - My camera with the tc attached, with demonstration pics. Yes, one of the numbers is wrong.

http://spikehost.com:8080/-Unsorted/moon1.jpg - A picture of the moon taken with it.

The c-210 can be had for about $50 which is why I got it, it's cheap and does well enough for me. I hear the Olympus B-300 is very renound and hard to find because it works so well, try www.b-300.com to find it, if you can afford to pay for it. People also seem to be very satisfied with the Raynox 1850. There is a thread comparing this with a TCON-17 on this board also.

Hope I helped!

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Default TCON-17 on C-700

There's been some discussion of the TCON-17 on Oly. C-700 through C-730 over on Digital Photography Review. A quick search gave me:


My take in all the various reads is that the TCON-17 works just fine on the C-700 through C-730. IMHO, markteting hype from Olympus saying it not recommended for these cameras. If I recall correctly, they said the same thing about the B-300 but it works perfectly (that's what I have on my C-730.) Similar comment regarding the WCON-07 - it works well for me. Also check out www.B-300.com -- they have some sample pictures from the the B-300 and TCON-17 using a C-2100; a good example of the qualities these lenses.

As Lin suggested - if you have any doubts, find a dealer who will let you try it out on your camera. It's worth a shot (or two. )

Paul in NoVA
C-730 B-300 WCON-07
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Thanks to all for the replies. I bought a B300 lens. After using it with the C700, I think I understand why Olympus did not recommend it. The chromatic aberration that is a problem with the C700 is, of course, only magnified by the B300. I had wondered why Olympus went with an 8x rather than 10x lens on the C720. I'm convinced it was their way of dealing with the chromatic aberration which would be less noticeable at 8x than 10x. The C700 is a good camera, but it isn't the one for me. I don't want to have to spend time fixing the CA in Photoshop. I bought a Nikon 995 and am awaiting its arrival. I'll have another megazoom camera some day, but I think I'll opt for one with image stabilization next time. Thanks again.
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