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dorlak Sep 13, 2006 5:49 PM

I bought a teleconverter for my p712. it is an Opteka 2.2x high definition lens. it seem to work pretty good, but I am getting a blueish tinge around my photos when I zoom to the longest distances. I don't think it is noise, but if it isn't what else would it be?

Sintares Sep 13, 2006 6:03 PM

The problem is the tcon is garbage.

Opteka are cheap for a reason, the quality of the glass is poor and you get what you pay for.

Cheap glass + higher than normal magnification = distortion and poor images.

Apart from say the raynox 2020 all reputable manufacturers limit tcons to x1.4 or at most x1.7, because the higher the magnification the more problems you run into.

Actually you say its ok up till full zoom, well count yourself lucky you get any kind of focus or non blurred image at any zoom range.

Unfortunatly the cheap lens and the high magnification is a magnet for suckers, thats why ebay for example has dozens for sale at any one time.

Opteka, Tokina (forfixed lensdigicams,especially the x2 or x3 !), HiDef, any lens that mentions Professional or Titanium, are basically good for one thing, paper weights...

Well you live and learn, I made the same mistake you did over 18months ago

Got my nice and shiny Sony H1, one of the best lens out there and stuck the photography equivalent of the bottom of a beer bottle (Tokina x3 tcon) in front of it because I searched on ebay for H1 +teleconvertor and that was the auction that came up.

The auction mentioned the old sucker works, hi definition, professional quality, yada yada, and I fell for it...

Boily Sep 14, 2006 6:21 PM

Like sintares sead, its because of the bad quality of the lens...

It creates purple fringing !!

Here is a quick way to remove it:;forum_id=78

If you want to buy another one I suggest you to choose the tcon 1.4x from kodak or the olympus tcon17 1.7x !!

You should visit the kodak section on this forum !!

Many p850, dx6490 and some p712 owners :-)

I hope it can help you !!


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