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Limulady Feb 8, 2006 2:02 PM

Help! I'm using my G6 in Hawaii and Costa Rica in bright and low light conditions as well as ocean shots. I would like a good teleconverter with as much magnification i can get with minimal distortion. Have looked at Canon 1.75x, Raynox 1.54x, 1.85x, 2.2x and Tiffen Megaplus 2x. Some have threads for filters, some do not.

1. Should i be using UV or Polarized filters with the G6?

2. Should i use filters with a teleconverter? What about on the water?

3. What teleconverters do you suggest?

4. Can you zoom in and out with a teleconverter? If the step ring size is smaller (Tiffen 2x=43mm), does this mean more vignetting if zoomed out?

Thanks for the help.

plg3 Feb 9, 2006 9:08 PM

Some "generalized" answers to your questions -

1. Yes, I would use a polarizing filter when out in bright sun, especially to reduce reflection / glare. It's amazing how much a polarizing filter will improve a water picture. UV filter won't add much to a picture but it does help protect the lens glass.

2. Can you use a filter with a teleconverter? Of course, especially a polarizing filter. Some folks don't recommend it, but I've kept a UV filter on my Oly C-730 nearly all the time and I mount my teleconverter and wide angle lenses on it. Just be sure you have a very good quality filter with sufficient thread to mount (screw) the lens on to. You don't want that nice new tele lens falling off on your first outing!

3. What converters do you suggest? I have an Olympus B-300, the predecessor to the TCON-17 (1.7 magnification factor.) The TCON-17 is almost legendary for its quality - no light loss and top quality picture. The Canon should be of similar quality. Raynox lenses can be problematic but there are several very good Raynox lenses so I would say do your research. Tiffen - I don't know anything about.

4. Can you zoom in and out? All depends!! With my C-730 and B-300, I can zoom out (from full zoom) about two thrids before I get any vignetting. If you are using a step-down ring, you will get a much smaller zoom range and depending on the individual step-down ring and lens, you may actually experience some vignetting even when at "full" zoom. Try before you buy if possible.

Hope this helps.

Paul in NoVA
Olympus E- 500 C- 730

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