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Drano81 Jul 14, 2004 10:31 AM

Well, I recieved a Raynox 1850PRO Telephoto lense yesterday and with the help of an adapter, I mounted it on my 717. This is my first expierence with add-on lense, and I'm wondering if i did something wrong.

When the camera is zoomed all the way out, I can see the ring of the add-on lens. It's kinda like looking through a peep hole. Is this how all telephoto lenses are, or do I need to get a different adapter to fit the lens. I am using the recomended 5258 adpater.

I also got the 720 wide angle lens, and there are no problems with that. I'm guessing this is the the physics of optics, but could somebody confirm. Thanks a lot.

Mikefellh Jul 14, 2004 3:44 PM

Teleconverters are meant to be used when zoomed in...zooming out will product vignetting. Quoting what Raynox says about the DCR-1800 teleconverter (replaced by DCR-1850):

"Operate DCR-1800 lens at most telephoto position of the camera lens. Zooming toward to wideangle may cause vignetting. (darkening the corners of image.)"

Sting Jul 15, 2004 8:50 AM

Over the years I have found there to be muchconfusion between photographers over the terms 'zooming in' and'zooming out'.In my vernacular 'zooming in' means adjusting/zooming the lens to its maximum zoom setting (telephoto) so the subject matter appears much closer/larger in the view finder.In 35mm terms that would mean that with a 28 to 210mm lens you would be at the 210mm setting. On the 'zooming out' side it wouldmean zooming 'out' and away from the subject (wide angle). Again, on a 35mm lens that was 28 - 210mm, I would be headed toward the 28mm setting.I have found that some photographers were taught/interpret zooming in as adjusting/zooming the lens in closer to the camera body -wide angle.In other cases someone has referred to zooming outto mean getting closer to your subject (telephoto).

20 years ago I was at a photoschool and we got into a discussion about this very thing. One gentleman's argumentwas that when you 'go out' you go away from home and when you 'go in' you go back home. He equated this to his zoom lens so when he referred to zooming in he meant he was bringing the zoom in closer to the camera body (wide angle) and vice versa.

So whether its 'in' or 'out' teleconverter lens for digital cameras are manufactured to be used at the maximum zoom range, or thereabouts, of the camera - the reach out and touch someone theory.

Other views welcomed - I've got a headache. :?

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