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djazz Jan 3, 2006 5:49 PM

Hi, I want to know what what would be a very good add-on lens that I could buy for my oly 8080 that would give me at least 300mm that won't break the bank. I already have the TCon-14D but it's not getting close to what I need because I shoot alot of concert pix. I was looking at Sigma lenses but I'm not sure what to buy. Please, can anyone help?

[email protected] Jan 4, 2006 10:09 PM

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Hello and Happy New Year,

The Olympus TCON-300 3x lens on the C-8080WZ works very well when used in conjunction with a SA-300 custom made support arm (which I also use). I have taken pictures at aconcert and even under those low light conditions, decent shots are possible (but more difficult). The setup works best as a nature photography setup in sunlight but if you are good with cameras, you can make it work in manylower light situations using higher ISO settings. Also, I've recently been testing the combo with the help of a TCON-17 lens which gives a total of about 714mm optical magnification. Those results are also very good as long as you focus properly. If you are a real tele junkie, you can crop the 714mm 3264x2448 shots to 2304x1728 and get over 1000mm effective. Those make great super tele printouts then you can shrink those to 1152x864 (50%) for email purposes. Notice on the attached 714mm optical shot how quickly the blades of grass go out of focus behind the mainsubject (the bird). This high mag setup can be used to nicely blur the background giving the main subject a more 3D effect. No fancy software techniques needed. If anyone would like to see some larger images such as 1632x1224 and/or some 1000mm cropped shots, just email me and I will send you a few. Both the 420mm and 714mm combos are super fun and once you try them, you will wonder how you ever got by with just 140mm. I love my setup and use it frequently. I will look for some 420mm concert pictures I took and post them later after I scan my hard disk on my other computer. Glad to help.

djazz Jan 6, 2006 8:13 AM

Thanks Herbsbuddy. I like the pix and I would like to see your concert pix. Is it easy to setup and how long does it take? Also, how much should I expect to pay for the TCON 300 and the SA-300? Where did you purchase yours? Thanks again for your response; it was very helpful. Djazz

[email protected] Jan 6, 2006 5:18 PM

I realized the concert pictures I took of Kelly Clarkson in Florida, (cameras were allowed that night) were not using the C-8080WZ. If you are familiar with the E-100RS, that is the camera I used. However, that camera maxes out at 380mm optical (native) so the C-8080WZ with the TCON-300 and SA-300 will beat it at 420mm. The SA-300 custom support arm is a 2 piece support arm. The front piece which attaches to the TCON-300 lens is the same for both the E-100RS and the C-8080WZ setup. It is only the back bracket of the support arm which is unique to each specific camera model. I currently own and currently use both cameras with the big lenses and they are both great. Yes they are very easy to setup and the beauty of the 2 piece design is you can quickly remove the big lens if you need an "emergency" wide angle or mid tele shot. The Olympus support arms cannot do that quickly at all. Ihave used up to 714mm optical on the C-8080WZ and up to 1250mm optical on the E-100RS. My E-100RS is only really good for email size pictures so the C-8080WZ is my choice for large printouts and beautiful 1600x1200 processed shots on my 21" CRT monitor. Since the C-8080WZ is only 140mm max native, there is no zoom range when the TCON-300 is installed (maybe 400-420mm) but with the E-100RS + TCON-300, you get about 380mm to 1140mm optical which is 3x zoom. I highly recommend either setup so if anyone would like to see more sample pictures including some Kelly pictures and/or need more details about the support arms, just email me. My member name is my actual email address. Glad to help out.

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