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I recently purchased a Sony Cybershot P73. I love the camera to death, but i'd like to be able to zoom in more. NOw, my only real experience with photography was a class in high school So i'm not familiar with lenses and such. I couldn't find any articles that really answer my questions either....

My options are a 1.9x telephoto and a 2.6x telephoto. My Camera has a 3x zoom as it is.. If i attached the 2.6x telephoto, would that bring my "total zoom" up to 7.8x? 5.6x? or..?

Also, With the Telephoto lens attached, would i have to remove it to take "unzoomed" images? Can i adjust the "zoom" of the lens between 1x and 2.6x?

If i have the totally wrong idea, and someone would like to recommend me a zoom lens for my camera, feel free *smiles*.

Thanks in advance for any info.
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I'm not familiar with your camera, but you should be able to attach a telephoto lens if there is an adapter that will fit your camera. That being said, your total zoom would be a simple mathematical product of your zoom and the lens factor.

I would be very cautious that whatever lens I add is from a reputable lensmaker. There are just too many bad lenses out there. It would be much better to get a good 1.9 than a bad 2.6 lens. Just read the forums here to see which ones are recommended.

Generally, you would need to remove a Telephoto lens to take closer shots. Otherwise you would probably have vignetting around the shot.

Good luck with your choices.

Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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A telephoto lens attachment multiplies the image, you get 2.6 x 3 =7.8x

That means that you zoom range instead of being 1x - 3x, is now 2.6x - 7.8x, so it would need to be removed.
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Old Jan 16, 2005, 11:56 AM   #4
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i have a Fuji s7000. i already have a telephoto lense which is 1.5X . i now need a much more powerful telephoto lense, which one will be compatable to my Fuji s7000, kindly let me know the specification also
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:?I also have the Fuji S7000 but I have a 2X tele.

Am looking for something more powerful.

Would appriciate any help in location a 4X or 6X. I am going to Germany and would love so real close ups.

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