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Justinian Jul 8, 2005 1:10 PM

:?I just purchased the Olympus C-7070 WZ. I know that I can attach an optional lens but will this provide me with anything resembling ultrazoom capability?If so, how much - 10x, 12x?

Olympus has the TCON-30C Telephoto Conversion Lens for the 7070. Arethird party manufacturers as good as the name brands? Would aPhoenix or Vivitar work as well, or is it always better to stick with thecamera's brand? Can someone recommend a different quality lens? Thanks!

The Merg Jul 9, 2005 8:20 PM

Here's a link to Raynox's site with lenses that are compatible for your camera model. I'm going to be purchasing two (wide-angle and teleconverter) for my Dimage Z5 in the next day. I like how Raynox actually shows you sample photos of the lens used with each camera.

- The Merg

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