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Default Travel Lens?

Sorry if this question is too elementary, but that's where I reside in my camera knowledge. I have a Sony A200 with the 18-70 kit lens as well as a Sony 55-200. Is there a decent do it all lens that doesn't break the bank? I'm heading on a Canada/New England cruise in just over a month and would rather use one vs two lenses.
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Tamron 18-250 mm it will also do macro
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Super-zooms offer convenience at the expense of optical performance.

Most manufacturers including Sony make one.

Sony 18-250 (about 579$us street price)

Sigma also makes 18-250 (about 479$us street price)

Tamron 18-270 (about 649$us street price)

Tokina also makes a 18-270

You will of course have to check you local retailers for the actual price in your country.
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A jack-of-all-trades-and-master-of-none lens will cover the zoom range you've got now (and possibly more) without changing lenses. but it will likey have more distortion, vignetting and chromatic aberration than the 55-200 you have now, and it won't be as sharp.

The 18-70 could stand some improving, though.

The Tamron 17-50/2.8 is a good choice, as are the Sigma 17-50/2.8 and 17-70/2.8-4.0, though the Sigmas are stabilized, which is redundant on a Sony.

If you really want to trade image quality for convenience, the Tamron 17-270 and Sigma 18-250 are as good as it gets. (Again, the Sigma is stabilized.)
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this is why a lot of pros on assignment carry more than 1 camera. I have an a550 and the solution I use is to put a 70-200 on the sony and an intermediate zoom on my mirrorless camera. yes. another camera. you can probably find one for the same price as that extended-range zoom. look for one with capabilities that your sony doesn't have. like wide bracketing for HDR, articulating LCD. it'll be newer so there's a chance that it'll have better high iso.

the real bonus is now you'll have a smaller camera for walking around ship-board and the a200 for when the tougher photo situations show up. Don't spend too much and don't consider that second camera a "system" camera. just use it for what it is.

Have you considered this idea?
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