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eagleray Jul 31, 2002 12:12 PM

Using "land based" macro lens underwater
i was thinking of trying out macro lens like the
hoya macro lens.
1. I am intenting to mount the lens on the external of the
underwater housing. as such there will be a slight water column
between the lens and the casing.
Is this workable?

2. I am aware of specialised underwater macro lens from Inon,
olympus and sea&sea. Was just wondering how this compares to these
"land-based" macro lens

Would appreciate if anyone can advise if this is workable.


Lin Evans Aug 18, 2002 2:31 PM

Yes, that can work. There are a number of filters which mount externally on housings. For example, the Japanese made Olympus housings which work with the C2000Z, C2020, C3000, C3030,etc. have an orange filter which attaches externally to the housing.

The only caveat I can think of is that it be close enough to not adversely affect the optical properties.


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