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I have two ideas about the adapters:

1. All-canon (58mm)
2. Some other adapter (thinking about lensmate, 52 or 58mm)

Should I go 52 or 58 mm? 52 seems to work better with filters (Lensmate has a picture on their site where the 58mm adapter caused some funny reflections). What would you buy?

This is for the adapters, now for the lenses:

1. All-canon (somewhat pricy but payable)
2. Raynox (also pricy, would go for Canon I think)
3. Kenko. Any experiences with this brand? It's cheaper than Canon or Raynox, and has good reviews overall. What models could I use with the S2?
4. Cokin (www.cokin.com). Someone told me about this brand. Do they work fine?
5. Opteka (seems to be bad as far as I've read but it's very cheap).

I really don't want to spend a lot of money, I want a 0.45x, 0.5x or 0.75x (or similar) wide angle lense (the one that gives me better quality with my camera) and a 1.5x or 2x telephoto. However, I didn't want to spend more than 100 USD on the kit, this will be difficult unless I buy Opteka, so I'm considering to increase my budget and wait a little longer, but for sure I want to buy the rigth thing. Any suggestions?

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You actually have more options than you think. I have tested an older model Olympus 1.5x tele lens and it works quite well on the Canon Powershot S2 and would give you about 650mm EFL. It even retains quite a bit of zoom range of about 4x. I used the silver Lensmate 52mm tube adapter which works fine except the Canon lens cap slides off of that tube. When I asked Lensmate why they didn't make the OD of the tube wider they said it was for esthetic reasons (looks). I suppose you could put a small piece of tape to widen the OD and make the lens cap fit. I have also tested the Raynox DCR-720 0.7x which works well except for some barrel distortion which can be corrected with software but the reviews I have seen show the Tiffen lens producing very good images at full wide setting. The Raynox had the best quality images over the entire zoom range if that is how you will be using the lens. Email me if you would like to see some sample shots. I would be glad to help you.
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Thank you very much for your help. In fact, I would buy the Lensmate 52mm adapter, and their lens cap so I can get rid of Canon's terrible lens cap, so I'm not concerned about that issue. I will email you to see some results. I want this whole kit for a few reasons:

1. Protect the camera lenses with the tube adapter and some UV filter
2. Replace Canon's lens cap (well, that's not quite important but it will help)
3. Improve camera's wide angle capabilities, so I would like a wide angle lens that works well on the first third of the zoom range.
4. Improve the camera's telephoto capabilities, so I would like a tele lens that works well on the second half of the zoom range.
5. Be able to use addon filters (UV, polarizers, or whatever could come into my mind).

So, I don't really have difficult requirements, but I want the lenses I buy to work good with my camera, and since I live in Mexico, I would love to place one order for the lensmate adapter with its accessories, and try to get everything else in my country (so I can test it out in the store), or at least find everything from one provider in the US who can get me unexpensive (don't mean cheap) lenses that will work fine with my camera. I will email you for sure to see your pictures, specially if they were taken with the S2.

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52mm adapter should be more versatile.
And for tele converter, after seeing the samples for nikon 8800 on bugeyedigital I would suggest the new crystalvue SHD-20 2x teleconverter:




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