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go0gle Mar 27, 2007 11:14 PM

Hello! First I want to point out that I am new to this and I want to ask you to forgive my ignorance regarding photographic terminology.

I have to start taking pictures of jewelry and other shiny things (swarovski crystals) from close range and I need some advice. I am going to buy the Digital Rebel XTi (most likely tomorrow) and I need advice in choosing the lens for the job. The problem is that I have limited resources and all I can afford @ the moment is something in the $400 range. I know I can't get much for that but it is all I have. How is the lens that comes with the camera ? I think the model is EF-S 18-55 mm. I am sure it is not anything special but maybe I can start with it for now.

I will have to make the pictures look like they have been taken in a studio with proper lighting so if anyone can suggest something it would be appreciated. I found this and I think it might be what I need. I will get a tripod and some lamps like the ones showed in this thread… : )

I have very little experience with professional equipment. I have a small Canon SD300 and this is what I've done with it:

The ones I will be taking now might be published in a magazine so they need to look good. They won't take the ones I've done with the SD 300 or my Olympus Digital 800because the picture quality is not good enough. I hope that the Rebel will take care of this..

Thanks in advance!

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