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Default why pay top $$$

Here is why:
I just went by my local photo store and saw a sale of VIDEO wide angle converters for 20$ canadian (thats about 12$ US me thinks).
I thought what the heck: i have no illusions about its quality, nor was it going to be my primary lens, but for the fun of it, and because i do like to experiment...( plus its only 20 bucks)..
So i decided to try it right outside the store.Well... I took two and a half shots with it :lol: I took one straight on, one of the towers above me, and tried to shoot the floor tile pattern to judge barrel distortion and sharpness... As i turned the camera down, lo and behold, with the horrifying sound of the delicate abruptly meeting the immovable, the glass elements started pourring out of the front of the lens :!: YES, the ELEMENTS :!: :!:
A few hours after this happened to me, I did get a smirk thinking about this other guy that walked out of the same store as I did, and the horrified look on his face seeing this happen, and me laughing my head off at it as i put all the pieces back in the plastic bag...
Its the little things
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