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The problem you are referring to is called vignetting. I don't think it has anything to do with low quality lens. It is happening because now the lens is so wide that it is also including parts of the circumference of the lens itself.

If your digicam normally has a widest angle of 35mm witha 0.5x lens you get 17.5mm super wide - impossible to avoid vignetting unless the lens has not at least a daimeter of 72mm. It happens to me also with my professional SLR's when attaching filters.

What you can do is zoom in slightly until the black corners are not visible. Also, an important thing is to remove any other filters (like UV Filter) you might have between the camera and the lens. The closer the lens is to the camera the better.

Hope this helps.

PS: I was about buying two lenses from Digital Optics and Opteka. I'm new to digital (though I am quite a professional SLR photographer) and don't know which brands are best. I read some negative comments above...are they really so bad lenses?

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Old Sep 19, 2004, 9:23 AM   #12
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Do you guys know about the Vitacom Hi-Band Multicoated Titanium 0.5x wide angle lens? It's more expensive than the Grobrite brand 0.45x wide angle lens but the salesman recommended it as a higher quality lens.....


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Old Sep 23, 2004, 12:38 PM   #13
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Usually when a lens name says, "titanium" in its name, it should be avoided. Most of the brands (Opteka, Digital Optics, Crystal Optics) above say this, but their glass/optical quality is lousy.

I tried looking up the lens you mentioned via Google but had no luck.
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Old Jul 2, 2006, 6:33 AM   #14
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I have the opteka 2x and the wide angle on a Fuji s5200. I prefer nikon but for casual use the opteka lens have surprised me, I love them.I am not a pro and do not stive for perfection. I did enlarge a pho to 16x20 and reduced the noise with photoshop, won an art show and sold 29 print for $100.00 buck each. I have 12other orders to print today. I admit it was content that sold as I am an artist and teacher by trade. The best lens without skill never works either. A good eye is the best advantage for me.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"I ordered a 67mm UVfilter to protect the lens and it's too small. I think it needs a 72mm but can get no info on the lens or from the company.

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Does anyone know what size fits the converters as the are the same size on the business end.
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I think the problem comes from the posibility that you might have an extension tube attached.
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"I did enlarge a pho to 16x20 and reduced the noise with photoshop, won an art show and sold 29 print for $100.00 buck each. I have 12other orders to print today."

Thanks for the humor. You made my day.:-)
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Old Jul 25, 2006, 1:36 PM   #17
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The Olympus wide conversion wcon-8 (.8x wider) works great on my little Olympus c-5000...dropping it from 38 to about 31mm....although I have to run at nowider than f3.4 to4.0 or it is too soft on the edges...there is no vignetting and no bending or fish eye at anytime...unlike my cheap kenko .5whichis trulyawful, the walls were bending (however, the kenkoSGT-20 2x telephoto works surprisinglywell though)....

keep in mind this is a huge lens...55mm to about 110mm(?)...the front does not have threads on it for filters and I use a 55mm polarizing lens on the rear...also because of its size it blocksmost of the flash, I use a dedicated Olympus on the hot shoe...keep in mind this lens is heavy!

I purchased mine on eBay from Olympus.....for only about $30...it retails for about $180

from what I've read, this wide angle converter may be the best out there

just a side note...When I'm not using eithera wide or telephoto converter I leave the CLA-6 tube on the camera with a 55mm UV filter....the CLA-6 has a rubber piece inside which works great as it was designed for my camera with just the right size hole in the center for my camera's lens to extend and just touch the rubber...it completely hides the lens behind it!

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some of the wide angle lens will display some barrel distortion. the advise is the zoom all out (0 zoom) when using the wide angle lens. Recommended by 8gadget
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I accept: TC3, people buy cheap lens because they don't know the difference between quality vs cost. I am a novice at photography and am learning the differences in quality. You need to cut users some slack and explain why that lens is not a good choice and which one is.
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