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Default WOW!! i dont believe this worked (zoom lens on the cheap)

goto 2nd post
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Ok I have been around here awhile getting info on my Kodak dx3600 (I love it my 1st digicam and its great) except for a poor flash (will add a camera mounted slave still donít know if it preflashs though) and the other problem with it is only 2x optical zoom (I didnít get much feedback if the add lenses are any good) so I took matters into my own hand (just playing around with what I have) well you wont believe this but I took a monoscope that I have and just snugged it up to the front of my camera lens (a little hooky but the proof of the pudding is the pudding) check this out I donít believe it worked (these are all pictures of a water tower out in a desert)

my scope

my test

thank you
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That's pretty good. How about a little over a quarter mile shot?...

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What you figured out is what is commonly called "digiscoping". where you take a scope of some kind (usually birding scopes, but smaller astronomy telescopes work too) and attach a camera to it.

Check out the forum near the bottom of the list called "digiscoping" if you want to learn more.

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Old Nov 7, 2003, 5:23 AM   #5
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Hi Fixer, what size diameter is the eyepiece lens on your 'scope, compared to the camera front element? VOX
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Old Nov 22, 2003, 3:55 PM   #6
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Yes, please, what's the eyepiece diameter on that scope - also is it threaded at all so an adapter can be put on it to have a more stable connection to a camera.
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Old Nov 24, 2003, 4:33 PM   #7
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Hi there and sorry for the delay but I am in over my head with stuff to fix

I finally put it together

Ok my Kodak dx3600 lens (just the glass) is about 15mm

The eyepiece on the scope (just the glass) is about 20 mm (by the way itís now on sale for $15

The scope eyepiece has a cover that is threaded when removed it would be suitable for remounting (threads are about) 26mm

My camera has threads (about 31mm) and there are adaptors that make it 37mm (I guess 37 is more common)

These are all crude measurements I feel like Iím working with stone knives and bear skins (please feel free to correct me) I kind of feel like I just woke up from the Matrix having found my new abilities

now I can tell you that if you look at my test pictures you will see that I did not post a picture with the scope without zoom as half the picture was the inside of the scope (there is a name for it but I just woke up and I need a lot of work)

By the way I plan on buying a bigger 20-30x, 50MM ZOOM SPOTTING SCOPE I hope I can come up with a way of mounting my camera to it

Any feedback would be great as this is still new to me and I have so much else I work on
By the way would the same idea work with simple pc camera
And anyone know how to balance more MPís or more optical zoom (with my friends 5MP camera pictures you can just keep hitting the zoom in button) is one better then the other if the end result is the same

Thank you,

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