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sadlers May 20, 2007 5:17 PM

I have a Raynox 1850 Pro that I used with my Fuji 4900Z laying around. I know the Raynox site says the 1850 will not work on cameras with up to 6x zoom. What can I expect if I mount this lens to my Fuji 10.7x S9000. Will a standard 58/52 stepdown ($2 - $5) work or do I have to buy the specific Raynox adapter (25.00). I dont mind experimenting for $2-$5.

Trojansoc May 20, 2007 8:12 PM

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sadlers, I can tell you my experience with mounting a significant teleconverter on the Fuji s6000. Most of the variables would be the same.

The biggest concern is the weight of the lens pulling down on the fairly light weight lens tube. To get usage out of the zoom, the Fuji will have to be at full zoom and that puts weight at an extreme angle. The lens I have is a Sony HGD-1758, which is exceptionally heavy. This may be the reason Fuji specifically does not recommend telephoto lenses with the s6000, and I suspect the same could be said of the s9000. I solved the problem by purchasing a Manfrotto lens support. When I occasionally use it hand-held I always make sure to support the lens with my left hand.

Optically, I have no complaints whatsoever. It has added significant significant reach to my camera. The photos I've gotten have been crisp with only very occasional CA or other flaws. Here's a sample I took in my yard a couple of days ago.

I can't imagine why the brand of conversion ring would have any effect, and I'd certainly try the experiment. If it's for occasional use only, you may be able to get by with manually supporting the lens, but if you plan to use it significantly, I'd plan on doing something to support the lens.

Trojansoc May 20, 2007 8:17 PM

Further on down the page, there is a thread titled "Raynox2020 with S6000" that I started when I was considering buying my teleconverter. There may be some comments in there that would be helpful to you, and there are a couple more samples.

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