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Default Camera recommendation for UAV / need GPS


I'm looking for a camera that:

- Has built-in GPS
- Small form factor / something similar in size to the Sony Nex cameras
- Has a SDK / API where I can remotely trigger a photo
- Has the ability to be converted for NIR.

Any recommendations?

Thanks so much,

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You might want to look at something like the Garmin Virb models. They're designed for outdoor photography and look like they're trying to compete with the popular GoPro models that you see used often by drone enthusiasts.

But, AFAIK, the GoPro models don't have GPS. So, the Virb lineup may be worth a look.

They've also got some neat looking new models coming out next month (Virbe X and XE).

But, they have an existing model called the Virb Elite that you may want to investigate, as it looks like it has GPS, a Barometric Altimeter and more built in that may be useful for Aerial Photography and can overlay that kind of data, distance from starting point and other information from external sensors onto content being captured. A variety of different mounts are also available for the Virb cameras.

See more about it here:


Or, see this page that goes into some of the features in more detail:


I don't see an API for triggering it (although it looks like they have apps that can control it via WiFI, and also let a Virb camera control other Virb cameras via what they refer to as ANT+ Wireless technology).

See this user guide where it goes into remote control features on page 8 (.pdf page 12):


But, a more practical way to approach it may be just to set it for time lapse capture during flights. You can set it for time lapse photographs at intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds from what the product pages say about it.

They've got some new models (Verbe X and XE) that should be hitting shelves soon (around June 10th from what I've seen in dealer listings for them). See more about those here:




BTW, you posted in a brand new forum we started for Aerial Photography, and our existing members may not know to look here for questions about What Camera to Buy (since we haven't even announced the existence of this forum to members yet).

So, I figured I'd chime in with at least one suggestion for gear to look at for Aerial Photography purposes in the interim.

But, you may want to post the same questions in our What Camera Should I Buy? where you're likely to get better responses.

BTW, Welcome to Steve's
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