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Thought I'd post this picture here as my first post in this forum was of Eddie in happier circumstances.

Eddie died yesterday after suffering from a massiveepileptic fit. We rescued him from the pound and his life before us was not a pleasant one.We gave him all the things he had missed in the first two years of his life and he gave all he could back in the two short years that we had him.

Eddie: ?/?/ 2000 - 31/11/ 2004 R.I.P
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im very sorry to hear. rip edie :'(

he's very cute
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Old Nov 2, 2004, 2:06 PM   #3
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I take it that he/she is on the way over the rainbow bridge!?

If so, I'll be sure that my lucky (pomeranian that passed last year) is gonna greet your dog!

Keep your head up...I have and have made it thru!
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Thanks guys : )

Thats the great thing about these forums you get to meet like minded people.

I never wanted another dog after I lost Arthur (my first dog) after seventeen years. he was a unique character and everyone who new him, regardless of whether they where "doggy" people or not,had a great affectionfor him.

But I went along with the visits to the pound and after the third visit we found Eddie. His story touched us both and he helped to ease the pain of Arthurs passing.

There are so many dogs (and cats, had to through that in so's not to offend the cat lovers) in the situation that Eddie was in that need rehoming, so if anyone is thinking of getting a furry little friendconsider your local rescue centres before going to a breeder and give a little quality of life to one of those animals, they'll pay you back in there own way.
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I appreciate your thoughts towards adopting homless pets. My family has always had pure bred pets (My mother breeds and shows Egyptian Abbysinians) and had been looking into Stafordshire's and Pit Bulls (please don't hound me about Pits being dangerous, do some research first) and finaly found an organasation called American Pit Bull rescue Center. I found Camry there. She's half Pit and half Boxer.

Camry was abused by her previous owners as well. She has scars on her body and was VERY timmid around men. She would do what vets called "submissive urination" when she would approach men. It's taken over a year for her to over come this and now she's fattened up and become like a child to me. I don't have kids and she's been so awesome at teaching me patience. I couldn't imagine not having her around. I'll post some pictures of here on a different thread as not to take yours over. Keep your head up, at least he had it good while he was with you guys!

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He has kind, knowing eyes...

Great photo.
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