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roby Sep 18, 2003 9:01 PM

another fishy pic
here's a photo of my ancistrus on the glass
and a close up using the smart zoom on my sony p72
comments welcome as it's so difficult to take good photo's of fish

Lauren Sep 18, 2003 10:03 PM

One of these days... Bang! Zoom! Right in the kisser!

Your fish seems to have some interesting spots on its belly. I wonder if a little experimentation couldn't bring out the detail a little better. These guys don't move so much so you'll have plenty of time, IIRC.

roby Sep 19, 2003 4:36 AM

i still have to learn to use photoshop properly, but those spots are pretty pale on his belly. the really nice spots are on the other side.
Believe it or not this fish doesn't stay still long for good shots. he's very skitterish

Mollyman Oct 5, 2003 9:46 AM

nic pics roby...

looks like Spike, my Male Ancistrus has a brother out there :wink: although he is a bit of a show off and will stay still for hours on end... here is a couple of the pics I took yesterday, mind you this was taken with a sad 1.3MP digi cam, so I am pretty happy with the final product....

roby Oct 6, 2003 6:26 AM

nice photos especially the first one

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