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Ok - so I was fiddling around with my dSLR, tried some manual settings with my Pentax 50mm/1.7 lense when suddenly the lights switched off in the terrarium where I used one of our turtles as a test object.

The turtle throw me a mildly annoyed look - did a mental shrug and yawned as if I wasn't there:

Darnit! What a chance - and I was there with the camera on fully manual, lense wide open at f=1.7 and whatsover. I did what everyone would have done... I tried to focus and clicked away until the buffer was full :-)

After 3 yawns or so she (he? - still too young to say) closed the eyes and pretended to be asleep:

Eager to get another yawn I started a conversation... a lot was said from my side... but no really useful response from the pet. After a while it obviously dawned on her, that it would be better to walk to a hideout. And then there was this guy gesturing and arguing... hm. She held the next pose for about a minute or so - all the while I had the camera ready and hoped for another yawn:

I can tell you I really didn't know if this was to last for another hour - it certainly looked as if she easily would have won that "duel", but then she remembered that she actually was tired... lucky me:

After this yawn she walked to a hideout and now she is asleep. Nighty night!

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First one looks like he's going to bed but the last one looks more like he's saying get out of my space.
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