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Default The most expressive eyes you'll ever see..

I took my new Canon 450D outside one cloudy day to take some portrait-esque photos of my girl.
This is with the kit lens, if anyone's wondering.

She was adopted at the age of 4, clearly abused physically and it showed in her personality. She's almost 10 now, and 6 years later you can just see in her eyes what she's been through.
Love her to death!

(Sorry they're so big, I still have to figure this out!)

Last edited by JadeAngeli; Oct 5, 2009 at 11:32 PM. Reason: Posted two of the same photos!
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I love her and I love all dogs and I want to become as pure as a dog and I want to punish all that stupid people that harm dogs. Second shot is great.
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Ordo add horse to that....and I'll buy yer a beer...
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What kind of low-life would physically abuse such a beautiful animal? Some would disagree with me, but I have less respect for an animal abuser than a child molester...no, about the same. I would love to see a piucture of her looking at the camera. She is beautiful... Robert
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its nice to know she is now getting the love and attention she needs and deserves always try and get eye level when shooting dogs

i have a rescue dog he was beat and starved and rehomed 3 times unbelivable he wasnt even two years old some dogs take time.... he is now 3 years old and also a valued member of my family and a great dog

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