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I'll share the couch with you.
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awwww. that's a cutie kitty. 8)
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Nice kitty-but lets be honest-
it`s saying:"You can share _my_ couch if you rub my neck just behind my ears. And if you can find foreign, exotic catfood for me, I _might_
refrain from nicking your Steak if you don`t look!".

Btw. - I had a cat that was very comfortable with people, and if the cat was asleep and you did wake it by lightly rubbing its back, it awoke with some loooong high pitched purring sound that rose in frequency to the end-some sort of Cat Boot-up sound, "Greetings Human beeing, I´m sure you have some treat/stuff to play with for me?". Nowadays we have cats that are semi wild-they start with a nasty, squeky grunting sound "Grrr-I´m mad at you for waking me".

Anyway-cats love foreign catfood. Ours know about everything available in Germany-and are bored. I was in Austria for a Project lasting four months, and found lots of interesting catfood I knew our cats never had tasted.

So I lugged about half a suitcase of catfood onto the Airport. The rest left I did fill with my clothing. The People in the Hotel I stayed did think I was quite-strange. And probably they were right.

I was explainging how much the cats did love the Austrian Catfood to the reception-girl, when she interrupted me and said:"Ah! That is why you have all the catfood stashed away in your room! The maid was already wondering...".

They probably thought the Piefke (derogative word in Austria for Germans, like "moffen" in the netherlands...) lived on catfood.
Oh well...

Give your cat some Hugs from me...

Btw. I located some Italian cat food here in germany-I´ll get and bring to entertain the cats next Time I visit my Parents

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