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Vent away, After getting hit did you take it to the Vet to get checked out? Just incase internal bleeding or other injuries you cant see. This breed is very tuff to contain you have to watch them every min. of the day. I have to keep mine in her Kennel as well can't be trusted off lead or she will run and play. I have a 6 ft fence in my back yard that she can jump if she wanted to she jumps up and hangs on with her paws to look over at the dog next door. Little stinkers.
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WOW - I can't believe she can jump the 6ft fence! I was thinking about getting a taller fence. I guess we'll have to go taller than 6ft, but at the same time, I don't want my yard looking like a prison. :lol: WhenBlu got hit by the truck, it was late at night. I tried calling our 2 vets, and they were both closed. So, I kept an eye on him, and called them in the morning. When I told them that he seemed totally OK, they said just to keep an eye on him. They used to never jump, now it's at least once a day. I always stay outside with them when I let them out, but it doesn't seem to matter lately. I think we might try the underground electric fencing if they keep this up - might be a little cheaper than a whole new "prison" fence.
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