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Default The hunter in flight

Above average temperatures less than a week after 14 inches of snow and record low temperatures has brought out more wildlife than normal for mid February.
Caught this guy making lazy circles in the sky.

Panasonic FZ40 @ 1/400 seconds, ISO 80 with full 32x iZoom and a Panasonic LT55 1.7x teleconverter.
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Hi David, it irks me to see over 200 views and no comments on a photograph. I see it here all the time and wonder what in the hell is going on. Doesn't any one have the courtesy to comment? I mean even if it is not a stupendous exposure it would seem like the effort would merit some kind of comment. So my friend, here ya go. No I don't think it is a really great photograph as the subject is too distant to see clearly. Maybe some cropping would help. I fiind these shots out of the limits of my lens also so I rarely shoot them. But the freedom of the shot is what actually good. I like the fact that this bird is looking over its' domain and the wings are fully extended as if it is floating around. Thanks for postiing and I am looking forward to seeing more of your shoots! Frank
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It is extremely tough to get a shot close enough on hawks. I have one that lives in a tree in the back of my pasture & I've been try to get a good shot for 3 years now. You did better here than any of my attempts, & it is a nice capture, but still too far away. I just picked up a 300mm f2.8 lens and I'm going to get a teleconverter to go with it so I can keep on trying. Keep it up, maybe you'll get him to swoop in closer next time.
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very well done..!!! I know that its very difficult to catch a bird in flight specially with big zoom and TC attached ,& doing it with P & S...i have tried several and get very few worth posting..!! I am fully agree with hkmp50 about not posting any comment in the thread.. As its very discouraging for a novice as well as experience photographer tooto have many views but very little comments decreases the zeal to post the images..
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Frank, there is a reason for the views vs lack of comments, according to JimC. Not a quote here, but a lot of "guests" scan through the site and can't comment because they're not signed up to the web site. So you see a lot of views and no comments. I agree it is frustrating. I have posted pics and not gotten a response for a week, until someone felt sorry for me, and gave me a "mercy" comment

Then there are the posters who never re-post after getting ten or twelve comments. It boils down to common courtesy. But, if you have driven in traffic in a city, you know courtesy is a fleeting thing...Same principle applies here. I use a simple rule when posting here at Steve's (and anywhere else, for that matter)...I pretend that the other folks know where I live and can see me at the time of posting. In other words, never "hide behind" your keyboard.

Sorry, David. The only thing I can see that would help your excellent shot is a tighter crop and/or longer reach lens. The crop might work if you have enough MP.
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