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Default 3333 Allen Parkway

I can see the tip of this building from my patio. It is an apartment building and the top floor is $14,700 a month for rent! I'll have to go downtown on a rare clear night and get a good shot.

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I fogot to add this is a 22x digital zoom @ 1mp. Real crappy quality....I know.
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I would make several comments. First off, never use digital zoom. Just pretend you don't have it. Digital zoom gives the effect of optical zoom by taking the center portion of the image and enlarging it to fill the frame. Whatever amount of pixels in that center portion will be the same in the full frame, only larger. Consequently, the resolution goes way down. If you can't shoot the picture without digital zoom, you need to find a better vantage point for the shot.

There is a lot of clutter in the picture, trees, power lines, light poles, etc. There is an old but still very valid rule in photography called KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid). Your subject should fill the frame without any distracting details.

The principal subject in the picture is overexposed. If this is an evening or night shot, make sure the flash is disabled and spot meter on the bright area of the penthouse. This will result in the penthouse being properly exposed and everything else darker.

Why don't you see if you can find a better location, and try these suggestions. Then post the results. One additional comment. you should probably reduce the size of the picture for posting so that people don't have to scroll around to see the entire picture.

Good luck to you and please do come back and show us what your have done.
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Just making a comment on how expensive this place is and far away the zoom is. This was never intended to be framed and placed on the livingroom wall.
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