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Default church interiors

Here are a few of the church interiors that I've shot in the weddings I've worked on:

All shot at ISO 1250-1600 in available light, handheld, then stitched together using Canon Photo Stitch.
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Nice - I like the BW best! Good work!
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Thanks Klaus! These panoramas would be easier to stitch if I used a panoramic head instead of doing it by hand. I have one, but I do not have the time to set it up during the ceremonies I go to, I have to take people pictures
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Default B&W Image

The B&W image tells the story and set the mood - well done, well done,

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Old Feb 19, 2004, 1:36 AM   #5
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Since you do things by hand, you could head over to my website to see a technique I use for correcting the uneven perpectives.
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Old Feb 20, 2004, 6:46 AM   #6
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Agree with you : BW is my fav too : well done !

So, the curve comes from the panarama stich ?

Well, I thought you had intentionally used a fish-eye : I don't dislike it the way it is communicating that all parents and friends are clustering round the newly-weds.
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Old Feb 24, 2004, 8:14 AM   #7
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I like the photos very much. The curvature is caused by not having the camera carefully leveled in all directions. I use a pan head with carefully adjusted builtin levels and set all of the axises on the pan head to zero then I adjust the tripod legs to get everything level.
Then rotate the pan head horizontal to check the levels on the panhead and make adjustments. This is similar to setting up a surveying transit or level instrument. If your in the choir loft looking down at an angle then your out of luck unless you go with a wide angle lens and only use the lower half of the images.
Remember the camera must remain level or curvature will be evident.
The pan head I use is the Bogen 3047 which I calibrated on a carefully leveled bench top.
Your panorama shots should overlap about 20%. Photo stitching software sometimes has trouble with diagonal lines which span images such as roof lines or power lines and have to be manually manipulated. Sometimes you can change your image positions to avoid the diagonals.
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There are two issues with those pictures: perspective distortion and projection choice. The perspective distortion shows with the vertical columns sloping inwards at the bottom if you are shooting downwards and sloping inwards at the top if you are shooting upwards. The curved horizontal is due to having a cylindrical projection instead of a rectilinear projection. A rough correction of both of those looks like this:

It is true that a well leveled tripod will fix the perspective problem: however it will force you to include more foregound in that shot, e.g., less of the ceiling. Being forced to use level shots is a software limitation, not something inherent in shooting panos.
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