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TCav wrote:
Torgny wrote:
... Americans pitying themselves ...
Did you read it? It's not about us pitying ourselves. It's about us reminding ourselves who we are, after we suffered a blow, and understanding why the people that struck us hate us enough to do it.

Both before and after I posted it, I thought about it alot. Might it be inappropriate? Could it be seen as self serving? I wasn't there. I was nice and safe in the suburbs of Washington, DC. ... Oh! ... Wait! ... The Pentagon was struck too! ...That's my neighborhood! ... But that was different, the Pentagon is a military target. (Viewed from above, the Pentagon makes a nice target. That's why we here lovingly refer to it as Ground Zero, though not so much anymore.) The World Trade Center was a symbol of international commerce, of the free exchange of ideas, something that oppressive societies and cultures find threatening.

Torgny, I don't know you well, but I know you enough to know that you are not threatened by international commerce or the free exchange of ideas. If you find the poem offensive, I'll pull it.
Nothing personal here, TCav. I like you

No, not offensive (Everybody´s got the right etc) but disclosing a mentality.

Blow - sure. What about intentionally "bombing back to the Stone Age" (president Nixon)

"War on terror" - such a stupid idea. Don´t you understand that those who have the power, are trying to scare you.

You, citizens of the US, say that you live in a democracy. If that is the case you have to inform yourself and make the ethically correct choices.

You are responsible for what happens wherever US is trying to enrich itself at the cost of the less fortunate

Reading: Noam Chomsky, Chalmers Jonson, Gore Vidal, Howard Zinn


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No argument here.
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