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Default Fake and Riddle: Subway Station - Welcome Dr. Floyd !

The burnt overexposed whites of my original shot "Subway Station" have reminded me of a classic movie where the director has intentionally put bright and almost blinding whites in some of the scenes.

These scenes are in the first part of the film and, most noticeably, in the very last part.

I've made a search in internet and I've faked the original "Subway Station" photo with elements coming from a frame of the first part of the movie.

The white corridor on the right has reminded me of the corridor of the film too.
While the subway corridor is leaning leftward the one in the movie is leaning upwards...

Enough hints ? Which movie am I referring to ?

Those chairs looked like being futuristic at that time....

P.S. :
too many steps to write them all.
In most cases they were a lot of small brush retouching.
However the main trick in the fake to make it look more realistic are the shadows under the copy&pasted elements.
Since lighting is so diffuse in this subway I decided to make shadows in the following way :
I created additive elliptic selections below the elements( in the original photo layer) to reflect in a rough way the shape of the element.
I then feathered the selection with a big value ( 30/50% of their smallest dimension ),
and I finally darkened the selected part of the floor with the brightness/contrast tool.

A note for eric_s : I'm an engineer too and "I’m rather critical in my own photography ..." as well.
Though I've spent a lot of time on those pixels I'm not very much satisfied with the bench on the left ;-)
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remember 2001 was a moving image and as we watched it was fluid and gave forced perspective. it was a kubrick signature atmosphere. after all he was a B&W photographer for Look mag in his early days.
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Nice you are a Kubrick fan, sjms.

Here's a link to the images I've used for this fake.


Yesterday I read more about this Masterpiece ( I was only 6 years old when it was shown in Italy but I remember my father excited about it : he saw it twice the first day he saw it ).

Odd thing how 2001 received just one Oscar.
The only Oscar awarded to 2001 was for the Special Effects, to a certain Douglas Trumbull, if I rember well

An usefeul link gently provided by sjsm :
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