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The Barbarian,

Testing the concept hdr against the opposite, ldr (low dynamic range), renders the hdr concept a truistic touch.

Whatever range; the full group with the opening is to me a significant photo (very rare), well above the awe photos. I'll do some thinking to sort out my impressions and interpretations

But in the first round the opening give the horses an escape route. Some feelings but to me this picture speeks to the intellect

A significant photo, as the word's ethymology(?) ...

Well, I'll come back



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Originally Posted by The Barbarian View Post
Walking around Las Colinas today.
I've never seen this sculpture before, but without going further I'd bet good money that this photograph is the way the artist intended his work to be seen.

The close-up of the horse is not as appealing - Because the statue itself doesn't hold up to such close scrutiny.

I really like your shot of the horses in water, and if I had any critique it would be that you might have stood a few feet further away so that you could have cropped it to give a little more room in the direction the horses are running.

Nevertheless, as I said, this I believe is how the artist intended these horses to be seen.

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Those are in Irving, Texas if I'm not mistaken. There is another horse fountain in nearby Arlington which your shots reminded me of -- as I once lived in Grand Prairie which is halfway between the two cities.

Very nicely captured.
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Amazing sculptures. Good picks, Barbarian!
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