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e. s. pershing Mar 7, 2010 9:03 PM

Noe Valley:Sf-ths afternoon
practicing w/ the new inexpensive polariser

across the street:

i was in a hurry, and snaped this off:

Bynx Mar 8, 2010 1:19 PM

I find your postings are usually off the wall kinds of shots which is usually not my cup of tea. But dont let me dissuade you from shooting whatever turns your crank. Uninteresting neighborhood street scenes is a good place to practice your compostion, depth of field and exposure. Your second shot has the tip of the building cut off. Why in all thats pink and purple would you cut that off and allow all that behind the sign to show through. Tilting the camera up half a degree would have been enough to improve your composition twofold. Would you care to explain your artistic flare with your angle shots of the church? What was your intention? It didnt work for me. And again, as per your usual postings, what is with the dumpster and the dog treat dispenser? Perhaps illustrating the dumpster, prior to its being stolen, for insurance purposes is a good enough reason. Not a very good shot of the dispenser. Before you try doing 'weird' stuff I suggest you just try some plain good old down to earth pictures with good composition, good depth of field, good exposure, and pleasing to look at.

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