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:?Well I thought that I have heard of just about every game [age does things like that to ones enlightenment]. However, I have never heard of the term "Conkers". Well now I know as I paid a visit tothe following site.:idea:


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In France, a familly has been found to use it children movies for pedophilia. A whole pack of famillies, in fact all the neighbours and relatives of a familly were arrested, quickly sentenced to be jailed for years, all with media around showing them as an example. Everything was based on the children testimony, all interpretted by psychanalists. Many proofs could have been sought for but the judge omitted to. On the contrary, the people found guilty spend nights with police interrogating them and some admitted what the judge wanted to just to escape the unbearable situation.
Now many proofs have been found that nothing apart of the parents of the children paedophilia was true (andchildren admitted they lied), and everybody have been released after years of jail (the jails are merciless in France especially for such crimes). The judge has just been promoted at a very high rank in justice administration and is protected by a trade union of judges that say this is the fault of the media, politicans and of the responsability peole who admitted their guilt. The people that have been wrongly sentenced to jail want repair from the State but may not have to expect much (Administration never considered wrong in france by law).

At the same time a judge has been found guilty of taking paedophilia photographs (for money) in his own court room in Bordeaux, during his spare time. He claimed this was art and wanted even to be autorized to continue his art. As he was an important member of the trade union of judges (syndicat de la magistrature), every complaint from families has been discontinued as ordered by the French Minister of Justice, and the judge just moved to another city next to Bordeaux on a higher rank (in France any civil servant cannot be fired or moved with equal or lower rank and wage).

In France, people get arrested for downloading paedophilia if the Renseignements Généraux (NSA kind) spying on everybody connection have any political interest in doing so. As everybody knows, such pictures can be downloaded into the browser cache without knowledge and seek for of the user.
Meanwhile the French are the biggest US movies freeloaders in Europe, and their deputies try to pass a law that makes it completly legal.

So maybe some Australian State oddities on paedophilia are far from what you get elsewhere.

What are the laws on the fags in Australia ? In France, opposing attitude to paedophilia, a new law declares that admitting any kind of homophobic opinion is considered as racism and could be jailed for years of prison. This includes any joke. A deputy who claimed at the parliament that he thinks the law must put an advantage to heterosexual marriage has been suspended from its parliamentary immunity and has been urged to justice and may expect some 6 months jail and loose any civil rights for years.
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Glad I live here. Not sure on the law about homosexuals here. I think if you were inciting violence or hatred maybe you would end up in trouble. Fag jokes are made all the time even by homosexuals themselves so I doubt we would get in trouble over a joke.
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