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Trdi Sep 8, 2003 9:28 AM

Some advice
No, I'm not giving them, I need them. :)

There's a photo competition here in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and I want to take in it. I'm not going to win (1500$, second place 1000$ and third 500$), because I'm a total newbie. I just think it'll be fun. If anyone is in Slovenia these days, he can also participate. :)

The name od the competition is "The Details od the Plecnik's Zale". Plecnik is the most famous Slovenian architect in fact he was creating throughout the whole Europe. Here's the link to some lousy representation of him in English. However there photos of some of his creations and I recommend them for anyone interested in architecture.
Zale is the main Ljubljana cemetery, while the object of the photo competition can be seen here (the first photo):

Now I'm asking for some advice, how should I take those photos, what should I be careful about, does the word "details" mean I can't take a photo from distance, does it mean I have to use big zoom and get only small parts of the object in the photo?
Thanks for your help.

Sep 8, 2003 6:27 PM

If they want photos of architectual details then it is preferred that you get close with normal focal length lense rather than farther away with a long lense. Use small aperature to get good depth of field. Be sure to always use a tripod and cable release or automatic timer. Compose your pictures to create interest of the viewer and avoid distractions such as poles and wires. Search the internet for subjects such as "photographic compostion".
The pictures on the websites you listed are generally of tourist snapshot quality(not sharp and static in compostion) probably taken with a handheld camera.
You can do much better than these pictures by careful selection of subject, correct exposure and attractive composition and a tripod.
Hope this helps.

Trdi Sep 11, 2003 10:32 AM

Thanks, Ted.

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