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The second one does have more detail on the right side, but, as Melanie said, the brightness is the same on the left and right in the first picture, and I think I like it better for that reason. I wouldn't notice anything amiss with either if I didn't see both versions.
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well the i'm the odd person out because i think it is a considerable improvement. nice PS clean up there. so much more to see now in the image. but then thats my humble opinion. keep on shooting.

remember not everything can be fixed in the mix. try bracketing shots since you do not have access to the RAW image. it then gives you 3 different exposure levels to start with. be a photographer not a PS artist. i try to minimize the amount of manipulating in PS. you end up looking up and its 3 hours later and your image looks rather unnatural. you will discover that the deeper you get in to digital photography the more like traditional image making it is. just with less of a mess and twice the amount of batteries. you did some nice work there.
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I’m seeing everyone else’s avatars and photos but not brtsergio’s. IE6 with “show pictures” checked. The only thing I can think of is that I don’t have resizing enabled.
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this has nothing to do with IE6 I guess.
You have to copy the picture url into a new window.
I guess the provider doesn't provide direct linking, so the pictures won't show up.
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Thank you all ! So many people to thank !

melanie and urbanPhotos : tahnx and , yes, I know. When I made the revisited photo I tryed to correct the left part as well but I applied a wrong system and the result was not that good, so I left it unmodified ( and unbalanced ).

sjms : thank you very much for your compliments. Really appreciated. And i think I'm understanding what you mean.
And, by the way, the bracketing is a great hint !

slipe and kex :
1) thanx for the information. My provider has made some mess these days ( for instance changing the domain name of my web space : thats why other photos of mine are not immediatly visible until I'll correct the link). I noticed the same behaviour that you described but I thought YOU would see the shot in a correct way.
This was not and thanx again for the info.
I've already opened a ticket to the help-desk of my provider.
2) Well, thanx again to you all for being so patient to popup the property window and copy and paste the URL in a new window to have a look at my shots !

I'm really moved to tears ops:

Ok everybody, for the ones who like fakes and easter-eggs I will soon post a fake of the original shot.
Not now though : I'm not able to gain acces to my web space at the moment :evil: :evil: :evil:
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