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Scouse Nov 1, 2006 12:13 PM

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I haven't posted in here before so I thought I'd bore the members with "What I did in my Summer holidays last year" shots. Comments welcome of course (No, not that kind :) )

This my friends is Sulgrave Manor in the heart of England. You may ask "What is the Stars and Bars flying outside a house there" Well I'll tell you. (Whether you asked or not.)

The house today belongs to 'All' the peoples of the United States and of the United Kingdom. Why? Well make yourselves comfortable forthis is today's history lesson. (Short version)

In 1539 a man known as Lawrence Washington bought this land from King Henry V111. Henry had a bit of spare land at this time seeing he'd just kicked the Catholic Church out of England and acquired all of their considerable holdings. Lawrence then had Sulgrave Manor Built.

Lawrence a descendent of William de Hertburne, who settled in the town of Wessyngton, changed his name to William de Wessyngton then later to William Washington.

A hundred years or more later, another Lawrence Washington chose to support the wrong team during the English Civil War (1645) and got his backside booted and lost Sulgrave, while his King lost his head. This Lawrence died in poverty.

His son John however took off and moved to the colonies in Virginia. Being a typical limey he married well there and ended up with a wedding present of a 700-acre estate known as Mattox Creek where his son, you guessed it Lawrence was born.

You all know where it goes from here. Two more generations and on 22nd February 1732, along came George, the first Prez.

An interesting side note from this is the Washington family heraldic crest over the door at Sulgrave. It's from a former Washington who fought with (Warlike bloody lot these Washington's) Henry 111 in the Battle of Crecy 1346 and won three spurs during two engagements (Winning Spurs back then was like winning medals for bravery)

Heraldic stars represent the spurs and the red stripes represent fields of blood or battles.

Coincidence…..well what do you think?

Scouse Nov 1, 2006 12:14 PM

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Sulgrave, Skullery Door.

Scouse Nov 1, 2006 12:16 PM

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The Washinton Family Crest

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