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  1. ....bugHuntin with the 35mm
  2. A couple from the summer vacations
  3. Train
  4. .....the Friday night parking lot
  5. iAuto mode do you use it?
  6. Along Turtle Creek This Ecening With My E-P3
  7. A Few More Images From This Past Week
  8. Deal Alert: Rokinon 7.5mm F3.5 Fisheye $239
  9. Olympus 50 Macro vs. 35
  10. Lightroom "Lens Profiles"
  11. A visit from Greg
  12. Olympus Battery Life?????
  13. Just ordered 3 BLN-1 batteries
  14. Orchid, hdr plus focus stacking
  15. As Sean Connery once said....
  16. a delicate flower and moth
  17. Olympus 35mm Macro Hunts
  18. ....a sunflower morning
  19. Great sale on Pen E-PM1
  20. Sea Monster spotted in Destin
  21. Canon Mirrorless leaked
  22. What A Great Idea....
  23. What would you carry with you?
  24. Lightning/Fireworks Detector for Olympus Cameras
  25. orchids - e-pl2, 70-300mm Olympus Ziuko
  26. Finally pulled the trigger on M43
  27. flowers and dragonfly
  28. Some Chihuly Glass Images
  29. Helicon Focus for depth of field stacking
  30. How Much (or little) High ISO Noise Can You Stand?
  31. E-M5 Firmware 1.2 released...
  32. Cars.
  33. And the E-P2+35mm macro saga continues
  34. A trip to the Rockies and some racing
  35. Friday night fever at
  36. grand canyon panoramic
  37. WHAT, Another Bag?!
  38. Olympus summer deals!
  39. A trip to the Rockies
  40. Some B/Ws from Salzburg, Austria
  41. So, the sensor is made by Sony....
  42. Which computer software on a MAC?
  43. Time Lapse experiment
  44. Fireworks mode in action
  45. EM5 Fireworks...
  46. 70-300mm shots, orchids and dragonfly
  47. The E-M5 and a Three Lens Zoom Kit
  48. Detail, Detail, Detail
  49. 5 Frames in the same second
  50. 9 frames per second
  51. Getting closer to critters with the 35mm
  52. E-P2+35mm macro=fun
  53. Kenko Extension Tube Question
  54. bike ride along the rivers of Pittsburgh
  55. 70-300mm shots, dragonfly and flower
  56. Sometime at lunch time ..
  57. It's Pretty Darn Sweet
  58. 35mm macro at $159US
  59. Sometimes It's Just The Little Things...
  60. Well....I Think I Just Did It...
  61. A couple of Rose Windows
  62. more 12-50 macro shots
  63. FT 35mm Macro Visits Small Airport Gathering
  64. ....walk in the park with a friend
  65. orchids - e-pl2, sigma superwide 24mm f2.8
  66. 70-300mm FT lens - looking for birding tips
  67. ....some critters & stuff with the 35mm
  68. Oops ... I did it again!
  69. The Photo Session That Saved My Car
  70. Digging Into Shadows and Controlling Highlights
  71. Scalping on the new Oly M5
  72. ....the Great Blue Heron does spear fish and
  73. Travelling With A Three Lens Prime Setup
  74. E-PM1 Learning Curve
  75. OM5 vs Canon 1D Full Frame...Interesting
  76. ........another cheap little gem from China
  77. Tuesday sunset that should have been transit of Venus
  78. You may not want to hear this, re:OMD
  79. E-PL1 with EOS to M4/3 adapter and Canon EF 50mm F/1.8
  80. rainy day, dream away, lay back and groove on a rainy day... 24mm f2.8 sigma MF
  81. ....the E-P3 & FT 35mm are fast becoming
  82. More E-PL1 and FT 70-300 shots
  83. My Set??? Confusing
  84. New OM5 Review
  85. Olympus 25mm f2.8 FT lens, opinions sought?
  86. 1st attempts at focus stacking
  87. IS Question
  88. A trip to Heritage Museum
  89. EPL-1, OM 50mm, flower macro
  90. red, white and blue (memorial day flowers)
  91. E-PL1 and FT 70-300 at the Garden Centre
  92. Butterfly in Lilac, E-PL2 Panasonic 45-200mm
  93. New M.ZUIKO DIGITAL™ ED 75mm f1.8 High-Grade Portrait Lens
  94. Snowy Egret pictures with the Panasonic 45-200mm
  95. The 12-50, as a macro lens...
  96. Duck pictures with E-PL1 and Panasonic 45-200mm
  97. Fun with Photoshop CS6
  98. Focus Trap
  99. VF-2 replacement rubber
  100. rhododendron in bloom
  101. Birding with the E-PL1 and FT 70-300
  102. My Daughter and her T-1
  103. Iris on Black and white backgrounds
  104. Olympus 35mm Marcro (Refurb)
  105. screen flashing
  106. Need lens advice for landscapes
  107. The Mechanical FlyTrap ... :)
  108. Flowers using E-P2+35mm macro(ft)
  109. ....ZD 14-54 v-I with the P3
  110. Olympus PEN E-P3 Micro 4/3 Digital Camera & 17mm f/2.8 Lens (Black) Refurbished
  111. Olympus 4/3 35mm Macro
  112. E-M5 firmware issue causes panic attack...
  113. A fun review to look at...
  114. Lens rentals test of micro four thirds wide angle lenses
  115. Another vote in for the OM-D5
  116. Kenko M43 Extention Tube Set AUTO EXT TUBE SET AF DG f/MICRO 4/3
  117. Tilt Transfomer & OM-D hump, a VERY tight fit!
  118. OM-D? I own one!!!!!
  119. It was an overcast morning so off I went
  120. 30mm and 19mm f2.8 sigma DN lenses
  121. Something Else
  122. Testing the E-PL1 and 14-54 MK1 at a Show and shine
  123. Panasonic 45-200mm, various landscapes and birds, Arizona
  124. ...trying a different hardware set with the P3
  125. Panasonic 14mm in it's natural habitat; the grand canyon
  126. Pushing the Shadows (Twice) with the E-P3 and 7.5mm Rokinon
  127. E-M5 + panasonic 14-140mm
  128. E-PL1 shot of a new church
  129. Indoor testing of Panasonic 45-200mm f/4-5.6
  130. Early Evening Wildflowers with the E-P3
  131. ....using the VF-2 @ 90-degrees
  132. Recommendation for Olympus 4/3rd to M4/3 adaptor
  133. Playing with the Rokinon fisheye
  134. E-PL1 and Zuiko 70-300
  135. peach blossoms
  136. Olympus OM-D ... I saw one!
  137. Panasonic 45-200mm f/4.0-5.6 Lumix G Vario MEGA OIS Zoom on sale for $199
  138. On lens IS vs In body IS
  139. First try on HDR enhanced pictures on E-PL1
  140. Time Lapse?
  141. One Last Weekend in the Bluebonnets
  142. E-PL1 and an Old Church
  143. Fun with Light and Shadows
  144. Greg's influence..... manual mode with the E-P3
  145. Small Clump of Flowers, and other misc...
  146. The Peak of the Season is Here...
  147. Now we know who builds the EVF for the E-M5
  148. Las Vegas ... as seen by the E-PL2
  149. VF-2 Questions
  150. Several 12-50 M. Zuiko Images from Today
  151. 14-42 MZuiko Better Than I Thought
  152. American Muscle...
  153. lens teardown
  154. Walking around
  155. E-PL2 Has Me Concerned
  156. New puppy friend
  157. On the Trail with the E-P3
  158. On the Bluebonnet Trails with the E-P3
  159. Dogwood and Azealea Time
  160. Last of winter (hopefully)
  161. Oly OM-D E-M5
  162. The 45/1.8 Spring Colors
  163. The Bridge....or the Creek?
  164. Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f/0.95 Micro Four Thirds Lens
  165. .....hooked on the little stuff
  166. Last Hour of the Day
  167. trying out legacy lenses - hexanon 40mm f1.8 and tamron 300mm f5.6
  168. Rainy Day at the Arboretum
  169. Find the Pen :)
  170. Lightroom 4....what a deal
  171. ....they say, 'practice makes perfect'
  172. First E-PL1 Shots
  173. Two Lenses= A Lot of Coverage
  174. .....trying out the FT 40-150 on the E-P3
  175. Picked up an E-PL1 today
  176. Ah....hem....a few 12-50 M. Zuiko images
  177. Whispering in the North Wind
  178. Red Tail Hawk
  179. The impressive Rokinon Fisheye
  180. Nesting Egrets- E-P3 and 75-300 M. Zuiko
  181. Image Stabilization - EPL1 - Help Needed
  182. Future PENS may also have built in viewfinder
  183. Just picked up a E-PM1 First Impressions
  184. My Day With The 75-300 M. Zuiko
  185. First edited photo with PSE 10
  186. More E-PM1 Questions
  187. And now the Newb questions roll in!
  188. well... finally bit the bullet!
  189. E-P3, 12mm f2 and 45mm f1.8
  190. panny 200mm lens
  191. Gray Weather, RAW, 40-150M
  192. Top Shelf....
  193. Olympus Sale on EP-3
  194. ....OM-D E-M5 photos album @ CP+ show
  195. ...another beautiful day in the park
  196. shopping spree completed... under $900 kit
  197. Allan Weitz (B&H Photo) Article on the OM-D E5
  198. Monday at the Base with the E-P3
  199. Looking for help with an Olympus lens: ZUIKO DIGITAL 11 - 22mm f/2,8 - 3,5
  200. Olympus 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Zuiko ED
  201. epl-1 vs epm-1?
  202. E-PL2 Price ( Canada )
  203. Who will get the first OM-D Poll
  204. viltrox 4/3 to micro 4/3 - experiences?
  205. first pics with new epl2
  206. Enough Equipment Talk...
  207. just bought an e-pl2 kit - thinking about prime lens now
  208. Getting "Blocked Threat" On This Site Today
  209. Great Evening Sky..
  210. Mirrorless vs Point And Shoot??
  211. Albuquerque
  212. Bit of winter
  213. Flash Intensity and Black Dog
  214. When it comes to using Primes, three's company....
  215. Looking for the Devil's Cigar aka Texas Star
  216. ....and my latest small bag accessory
  217. Extreme ends at the spillway
  218. Would You Believe This was a Fisheye Lens?
  219. Price on E-PL1+14-42mm lens hits new low
  220. A perspective on the mirror less mkt
  221. Preference on E-PL2 Screen Protectors?
  222. Anyone Else Having Trouble With Live Guide?
  223. Talk About a Fast Lens...
  224. Tic Tac battery box --
  225. Looking to purchase a PEN camera, some questions; newbie
  226. VF-2 eye cup, who's changed it?
  227. Flash Sync Speed Setting
  228. New m43 camera announcement in Feb
  229. Auto ASA Only On iAuto (E-PL2)??
  230. Packing for Disney World
  231. Olympus to add new M43 lens to their lineup
  232. ....I wanna scope it and don't know how
  233. A couple more from my P3/50-200
  234. New VF-2 Appears Grainy Looking
  235. Zuiko 45mm price drop
  236. Flash Question On E-PL2
  237. ....trying the 50-200 on the P3
  238. Sunrise over Lake Ontario
  239. Price drop on Oly VF-2
  240. Slow Sync 2nd Curtain Flash ?
  241. The Mirrorless Forum???
  242. ...had to try out the RM-UC1 clone
  243. .....nuggets for the P3 @ pittance of OEM
  244. Some snow and a surprise
  245. A Weekend Visit and Some Color
  246. Have E-PL1--Are There Deals on E-Series....
  247. Olympus 40-150mm On Sale
  248. Playing with Rokinon FE Images in Fisheye Hemi
  249. Not Sure What To Think Of This....
  250. Special pricing on an E-PL1 w/ 14-42mm lens