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Hello I ordered and just receivedthe Maha 204W Charger with 4 Powerex 2300mAh AA batteries after reading reviews and getting all the input I could find. I have had them for 3 days now and they are great so far. My question is in storing the betteries when not in use. There will be extended periods of time when I'm not using the camera or batteries at all, I'm guessing up to a month or a little over in some cases. How is it best to store the batteries during this period. My want is to leave them in the charger when not in use so they will be ready whenever I need thembut I'm wondering if it will damage or cut down on the life, holding a charge or any other negative effects.Should I just leave them out of the charger and camera when not in use, which is not my first choice but if it has the least negative effect, this is what I will do. Thanks for your input.
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I think that chargers normally turn off once the battery has finished charging right? nimh batteries lose charge even if you don't do anything with them... I think the figures are like roughly 1 percent a day...or something like that. nimh don't have the memory effect problem anyhow. So you can just charge them up before you use them next time. Allow for time in advance..like half a day or so. I just left the batteries in my nikon 950. If I didn't use the camera for long periods, I'd give the batteries a charge before heading out to take photos. I always carry a spare set of AA's just in case, and I never mix the batteries around with the other set. I also have two chargers, so if I used up both sets of AA's, then I could charge all the batteries in the one go.
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The Maha C204W is a charger that trickle charges, so it is safe to leave the batteries in the charger and that will actually mean that they will be freshly charged. Actually if you leave the batteries in the charger and there is no noise, that the light is green you can hear the trickle charge going every 15secs or so. This means that the batteries will be charged better than if u took them out as soon as the light turns green. The difference is minimal for this charger, maybe something between 2 and 5%.

As for storing batteries, they recommend taking them out of the camera when storing for long periods of time. Since the internal battery does not last forever, it can be a good idea to put the batteries back in the camera so that the internal battery charges tho.
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I've read that even a small trickle charge reduces the battery life if you charge them for long periods. I would just try to anticipate use and charge the batteries when you might use them.
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I'd definitely never store alkalines in a camera for a long period of time that's for sure....since I did this when I was a kid with flashlight/torches...and then they leak the electrolyte stuff which then corrodes terminals etc. The nimh batteries don't do this...so it's ok.
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I would not leave your batteries in the charger for extended periods of time. A lot of people do and, realistically, it's probably no big deal. But, with fast chargers like the Maha chargers, it's pretty easy to just store the batteries and throw them in the charger for a top-off before you use them. With fast chargers like the 401 or 204W, it's only going to take 30 minutes or so for a top-off.

Actually, the best approach is to have two sets of batteries. Use the first set until they are fully depleted and the camera shuts off. Then, put a topped-off replacement set in the camera. Don't charge the depleted ones until you think you will need them.

Obviously, it's impossible to time this perfectly, so there will be many times where you are simply topping off a set. That's OK. Every once in a while, just try to fully discharge a set, either in the camera or with the discharge feature if your charger has it.
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Here's a link to good site for more info on batteries...


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I wouldn't store them in tha charger. Just put them in one of these plastic battery holders if you have and store them at room temperature. If you've stored them for longer than say 2 weeks you may want to top them off before use. Alternatively, you can store them in the fridge. This will minimize self-discharge. Just bring them back to room temperature before use.
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