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My Enegizer charges 4 AA 2500mAhNiMH batteries in 15minutes. It also charges AAA batteries. It does charge each one individually and shuts down whenthey are fully charged. I have eight of these batteriesthat I use during wedding receptionsand other events. I have never had a problem with any of the batteries or charger.The charger also has a built in cooling fan. I think I paid something like about$35 for the charger and 4 batteries atWal Mart and then bought 4 more batteries. theyhave been worth ever penny as far as I'm concerned.
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I have had a Ray-O-Vac 15 minute charger for several years and have used the same AA batteries in a couple of digicams over that period. The charger works very well and the batteries are lasting longer than I thought they could. Drawback is that you are limited to Ray-O-Vac fast recharging AA or AAA batteries and they are different in that they are vented to withstand the heat developed during this rapid charging.

The unit stays cool, the batteries get warm, and you can leave them in longer than 15 minutes to absolutely top them off. Otherwise the charge slows at the 85% level--still I get much use out of them at this point.
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I was skeptical of the 15 minute energizer charger. Logic told me that it would detonate batteries at the 7.5 - 9 amp charge current, so I avoided it, and its cousins (ic3 and Duracell 15 minute).

However, my skepticism was unfounded, and my logic flawed. I saw a E-15 on sale at bestbuy and purchased one (included 4 2200mah batteries) for $37.99 ($43 taxes in for us Canadians).

This charger really is impressive. Batteries come off fully charged (more fully than most other slow chargers), and the heat is less then expected. My 401fs on fast mode heats up batteries more then this 15 minute charger, *and* most importantly, the 401fs heat is for a longer period of time, compared to the short duration of heat experienced on the E-15 (maybe 5 minutes of max heat, around 115 - 120 degrees). The fan also cools the batteries very quickly after the charge cycle is over.

So, does this charger really work? Yes it does, and quite well. As a Dad with 2 toddlers, who don't really understand the concept of time, it's nice to be able to replenish those evil power hungry kid toys in a few easy minutes, instead of trying to explain why daddy needs a couple of hours to recharge the batteries.

Would I recommend this charger? Yes, if you need batteries charged fast, and fully.

If you're the type that believe your cells are precious (and irreplaceable) and wouldn't dare expose them to any harm whatsoever, and are trying to squeeze that theoretically infamous 1000 cycles (fyi: not possible), then the E-15 charger, and many other chargers, are not for you.

For me, it's a nice fit with my 808M, LP4000N, and C9000. I gave my 401fs to my brother in law, with a disclaimer to watch the slow charging cycle for missed terminations and the fast charge for high heat :G
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