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I bought a Uniross fast charger (1.5 hours) and four 2100 mAh Uniross batteries to use with my DSC-W1. However, it soon became apparent that these last around a quarter of the time that the Sony batteries do.

The Sony batteries that came with the camera are also 2100 mAh so I guess Sony are just being sneaky and ensuring I buy their rechargeables.

When I first tried the camera, I popped a pair of brand new Philips Long Life (non-rechargeables) in and the camera switched on, flashed the low battery warning, then switched off again. In fact the only regular batteries that work with this camera are Duracells.

Are Sony playing fair? And where can I buy another four of their rechargeables...
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Sony batteries are rated among the best in the industry. I don't think sony could set their cameras up to give shorter battery life with non-sony batteries. I use energizer rechargables with good results in my P93..up to 200 hundred shots. It is generally not a good idea to use regular alkaline batteries in digicams. Digicams drain regular batteries very quickly. Again, that's just the nature of the beast, not some sordid plan by Sony(or other companies) to get you use their batteries. You may have better success with lithium AA batteries, and I would suggest using these only if in a pinch. Energizer rechargeables are available just about anywhere (and duracells should do just as well if you can find them) and are fairly cheap. Sony batteries are available from Sonystyle.com.

I'm not familiar with the brand of batteries you mentioned, but keep in mind it often takes several cycles of discharge/recharge befor you start getting maximum life out of rechargables.
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Hello Jim,

There are a lot of different brands of NiMh batteries out there. I have done some testing on a wide variety of cells at different current draws. If you have some extra time, check this out...


I believe most cameras are drawing less than 2 amps, so what you are looking for is the brand that holds the highest voltage at a 2 amp draw. Next on the list to look for is capacity. I list run times in minutes, but that is for constant use and does not translate directly to the amount of pictures you can take, however, it does give a relative indication of how long a set of batteries should last.

Enjoy. :-)

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